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Доступни формати Casados à Primeira Vista Сигурно скенирано : 06/25/2022 Гледати ХД Преузимање ХД

Casados à Primeira Vista

62.833 Виевс
By scientists and relationship specialists, some Portuguese singles are placed in couples and meet for the first time in their own marriage. After that, they will go on a honeymoon, they will live together in a house and they are going out together and with their families and friends for the purpose of testing their relationship and discovering if love arises between them. In the end, the ultimate decision will be made: will they continue their lives together and married, or will their ways separate and divorce?
Епизода : 205 Епизода
Сезона : 3 Сезона
Рунтиме: 60:14 минута

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